More than thirty years ago, in my attempt to grasp effective change, I decided to write down my beliefs as short concise statements which could be compared with to my actual experiences, and thus validated. This practice has proved to be one of the most powerful activities of my own growth. I live them as much as possible; they are always in revision and are not absolute.

A comment on language: I am not an advocate of scientific materialism, the philosophic ontology that only science can address truth, and that energy-matter is the only domain of experience in the universe. I value scientific methodology highly, but the overall terminology that describes me include Gestaltist, panpsychist, and panentheist (those terms require many comments). However, most of the world is orientated to scientific materialism, and much information I value is coached in these terms. I attempt to be very precise with my language, but because of these issues, I often use somewhat strange language.

Because the list of my truths is now long (almost 400 brief statements), I offer them in shorter posts of 25-30 each.

20190315 ¿Truths? Part 1

20190319 ¿Truths? Part 2

20190329 ¿Truths? Part 3

20190404 ¿Truths? Part 4

20190409 ¿Truths? Part 5

20190416 ¿Truths? Part 6

20190420 ¿Truths? Part 7

20190425 ¿Truths? Part 8

20190501 ¿Truths? Part 9

20190506 ¿Truths? Part 10

20190511 ¿Truths? Part 11

20190523 ¿Truths? Part 12

A Study of the Needs and Limitations of Our World

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