The following are comments concerning myself and my work, garnered from various sources, including comments within this blog.

From my book Acedia, The Darkness Within, and the darkness of Climate Change:

There are many books written on the need to change consciousness but rarely does anyone explore the depths of humanity’s refusal to do so, even under threat of the approaching cataclysm in our refusal to deal with climate change. Dave MacQuarrie has written such  a book. In it, he explains both why it is so difficult for us to change and what all of us cad do to become more aware and more free of the darkness within. It is a superb book.

Jim Garrison, President and CEO of Ubiquity University, and author of Civilization and the Transformation of Power.

Acedia is a well-informed and inspired book about the historical and psychological origins of a centuries old affliction. Acedia masterfully connects the dots between personal psychological traumas and looming environmental collapse. Dr. MacQuarrie pulls no punches, yet offers a ray of hope that we might just save our future.

Christian de Quincey, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies, john F. Kennedy University, and author of Radical Nature: The Soul of Matter.

From Janet Smith Warfield, author of the Amazon best-seller Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World, 2007.

Dave MacQuarrie is worth reading and listening to. If you care about your children and grandchildren, read his blog, wake up, and make a real difference on this planet.

From client feedback regarding my work when I was a therapist:

… grounded in real life skills. The integrity which Dave brings … has made important contributions to my personal and professional growth. M.G. (Director Materials Management, auto manufacturing company)

… I have a framework to follow and guide me along my [personal journey]. … a dynamic practical approach which goes deep into the causes of anger. … Through Dave’s approach, a permanent solution is available; through other approaches the solution is temporary. P.C. (staff sergeant, regional police department)

 … without question the most effective anger management program I have encountered in my more than twenty years as probation officer. … I am amazed to see the progress that can come about in one weekend. J.S. (probation and parole officer)


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