Cooperation is an essential feature of a mature culture.
What will it take for us to become cooperative?

The purpose of this page is to validate the contributions of others to this blog, and also my own contributions to their blogs.

I strongly believe that a mature culture must honor diversity and cooperative interaction. My reflections here arise largely from the works of:

  • Thomas Berry, in The Great Work, who notes three essential characteristics of the universe: community, diversity, and subjectivity. I call these the moral imperatives of the universe, and have added a fourth: change.
  • Louis Herman, in Future Primal, who notes four characteristics of The Truth Quest: individualization, intersubjectivity, face-to-face democracy, and mythic narrative.

If we are to survive as a species, we must find a balance between

  • acceptance of diversity, based on non-interference, and
  • the restriction of actions, based on the cessation of violations.

We must learn to cooperate with each other, without compromise of individuation. Thus the contributions of others are welcome, and are based on the guidelines of this blog.

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The Value of Anger; The Need For Safety

Contributed to Survive or Thrive Blog, Ron & Pat Potter-Efron,


The Power of Words, by Janet Smith Warfield

Contributed by Janet Smith Warfield,, author of Amazon Best Seller Shift:  Change Your Words, Change Your World.

Janet emphasizes the vast power of language, the medium within which humans swim.


We Must Pay Reparations Before Change Will Occur, by Larry Winters (Violations by Police)

Contributed by Larry Winters, a retired psychotherapist, an ex-combat Marine, and the author of two books: The Making and Unmaking of a Marine and Brotherkeeper.

The underlying message for me is 1) correct the system, and 2) don’t shoot the messenger (but don’t tolerate violations either).


Urgency, by Carol Chapman (Climate Action)

Contributed by Carol Chapman, one of a series entitled Visions Of A Possible Apocalypse.

A poem that touched me deeply in its reflections of the cultural malaise that underlies global warming.

A Study of the Needs and Limitations of Our World

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