Hi. I’m Dave MacQuarrie.

The intention of this blog is to initiate a discussion of what is needed for our survival and maturation as a species. Throughout, I will be reflecting on my own issues as well as my own learnings over the thirty years that I have been studying human dynamics.

The starting point, from my perspective, is a two-pronged approach:

    1. develop a culture-wide vision of the civilization we want, and
    2. study and transform our acedia.

A tall order; in fact a super-wicked problem, and a major factor in acedia. It is possible that such approaches as mine will also fail, but “in basketball, you miss 100% of shots that you do not attempt.”

If you want to connect with me, please consider that until now, I have been reluctant to join social media networks. Thus, there is not a lot of information within my profiles, although I do have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The best way is simply to email me at dave.macq@icloud.com — I am exploring other options, especially that of becoming a climate activist (I am currently part of The Climate Mobilization organization), but they are also processes that push me into my own issues of acedia.

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A Study of the Needs and Limitations of Our World

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