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The Climate and The American Election


Another article worth reading: The Climate Emergency and the Election: A Pathway to WWII-Scale Mobilization in Common Dreams by Ezra Silk. Ezra is co-founder of The Climate Mobilization, and has spent the past year researching what is needed for management of climate change, and how it can be accomplished — by the equivalent of a world war II mobilization pattern. Achievable, yes; difficult, also yes; necessary, also yes.

Although focused on the America election, it is likely that this election will determine the fate of our civilization. The policies of Donald Trump as President will almost certainly doom our civilization, if not our survival as a species. As President, Clinton will not likely be fully proactive, but will almost certainly be responsive to public outcry, eventually instituting the necessary mobilization.

And if the Americans institute this mobilization, Canada is not likely to be far behind.

At the moment, I am significantly disappointed in the Liberal stance. As mentioned in Living In Vancouver (20160916), the likely approval of three massive contributors (the Kinder-Morgan pipeline, a LNG plant, and a coal processing plant) to greenhouse gases in the Vancouver area is, for me, totally inconsistent with the Paris Accord. Similarly, the recent carbon pricing policy (Canada releases plans for a nationwide carbon tax, where 80% of Canadians already as subject to carbon pricing) is, for me, a form of tokenism — needed, but it will not accomplish much.

Life goes on, for now!