The Emerging Church


Another post because I think the topic/link is significant. I do not strictly regard myself as a Christian, although I am deeply spiritual — I do believe that there is an underlying meaning to the universe, and that this meaning is friendly. I also recognize that the Christian Church is the dominant religious force in our Western World, and acknowledge that its history of intolerance and bigotry, sadly, is extensive. Yet it has the possibility of greatness, and thus the concept of the emerging church, the evolving church, is important to me, and I believe, to the world.

Lucy2I suggest that all of us search for meaning, including those of us who regard ourselves as a-theistic. As part of that search, we search for authentic relationship and community. And if we are to do so, we much give up our dualistic criticisms of each other, recognizing that we all search. Unfortunately, some of us, perhaps most of us, have been so damaged by the system that we do not know how to bridge these differences.

For me, the work of Richard Rohr and the Center for Action and Contemplation does much in this bridging. I routinely receive his daily meditations, and value them deeply. Sometimes the language is a little too churchy, but the basic message is deeply inclusive, asking us to move to acknowledgement of the fundamental mystery of our universe, and especially the profundity of love (for me, best described as the will to extend oneself for spiritual growth).

This past week, Richard’s writings have centered on the profound changes that are taking place in the entire field of spirituality and religion, specifically but not exclusively to the Christian faith. I therefore offer this link (and its embedded links) as a source of exploration. If you wish to follow Richard’s Daily Meditations, you can subscribe at:

The Emerging Church: Weekly Summary (20171126-20171201)


4 thoughts on “The Emerging Church”

  1. I also am not Christian or any other faith. But do believe that everyone should have the right to believe what they want as long as it does not hold sanctions on other religions. Their exclusive intolerance is the all too common, divisive and profanity of most religions. The holier than thou believe of they the only ones who practice the ‘right’ religion are the ones who drive people to intolerance and war.

    People should understand that religion is a social construct that is a wonderful way to foster inclusiveness and commonality with all humanity. But now it does not. In fact fundamentalist Christianity, Islam and others are growing rapidly and it will not end well.

    If there is to be a transitioning of world religions….maybe a new prophet who would unite all humanity to a more modern, accepting and fulfilling belief system. Would humanity finally agree t unite to meet the climate change challenge? Is that even possible? Will humanity finally accept science and logic to attain this goal or will the fear that seems to pervade the world just make it worse.

    On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 11:23 AM, The Human Side of Global Warming wrote:

    > davemacq posted: ” Another post because I think the topic/link is > significant. I do not strictly regard myself as a Christian, although I am > deeply spiritual — I do believe that there is an underlying meaning to > the universe, and that this meaning is friendly. I also re” >


  2. Hi Dave,
    As you know, I fall into the atheist category. Perhaps I would better categorize myself as one who has been seeking truth. So far I have only found truth that applies to one group of people but not to others. I would like to believe that TRUTH lies in the power of the love that is forgiving of all and is accepting of others. I find that I personally all too often fail to live up to my own standards, and as such find the person I most have to forgive is myself. I find that forgiving myself is far harder than forgiving others, even when I know?!! that they are wrong. While I personally have found no God, god or gods that give me pause to consider, I realize that worship is important within our psyches and for many it is necessary. I seem to be rambling so I’ll stop here. I did enjoy this article as I have all the others. Thank you for passing it on.

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  3. Thanks, John. Valuable comments as usual. I also seek truth, but fortunately I am in a place in my live where I forgive myself easily, and simply wonder at the complexity of life (and the insanity of power dynamics). I invite you to check out Richard Rohr — as I indicated, he is churchy at times, but also very inclusive of all truth.


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