The Deed Is Done; Now The Blowback

The maze of world politics, especially that generated by Donald Trump.
It does not yet appear what we shall be.

There is not a lot I can add about Trump’s decision to exit from the Paris Accord; the deed is done, and assuming Trump survives in his Presidency, it will be likely be accomplished. In the interim however, the world-wide reaction is likely to be profound, and the cost to the US immense.

There is, however, still some continuing argument to be made for the advantages of the withdrawal. It potentially promotes much greater cooperation on the part of the other countries, and it further justifies a continuing anti-Trump movement, hopefully (and perhaps quickly) leading to empeachment.

As well, the Paris Accord per se was not a particularly good agreement, with too many loopholes and too little action. It is perhaps possible that the rest of the world will now take a stronger stand, and be more committed to urgent action. But it is a wait-and-see process; I will not hold my breath waiting.

And it also demonstrates the sad state of our culture that what was almost inconceivable has now occurred, both the election of Donald Trump itself, and the ensuing decisions that will shake the American and the world economy in major ways.

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The deed is done; now we see the blowback.

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Like many aspects of modern technology, the dark side is significant. There are many legal ramifactions, especially in the use of gene pools for further technological advances.

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