Understanding this blog

My experience is that anyone coming to a new blog, especially one that has be available for more than 20-30 posts, will need time to get a sense of the blog.

This page is meant to give you the new reader some clues as to what I the creator believe will most serve you in understanding the nature of this blog. Of course I want you to stay, and either get value from the blog and/or perhaps contribute comments that add to the value.

Ideally my postings range over a variety of topics. Often I focus on what will be required to respond to the issues of global warming, both the surface technological issues and the deeper cultural issues.  In some, I respond to current events. In others, I delve into my skills as psychotherapist to understand the dilemmas of human beings.

These are my starting suggestions. Periodically I will update this list as I create new posts.

  1. the Home page
  2. Welcome #2 (20160614)
  3. Global Warming: My Stance (20160728)
  4. Why I do anger management (20160626)
  5. What Are The Rules That Run You? (20140813)
  6. Being A Resource Seeking A Need (20161016, #1 of 5)

Two other series of posts may be of interest, perhaps importance:

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